God's Heart for the Orphan

God's intense compassion for the orphaned children is repeated over and over in the Bible.  Evil men are decried for oppressing the fatherless.  "Pure and undefiled religion" is described by God as caring for the orphan in distress.

On the part of these children, God is not silent.

While adoption is vital and desperately needed, it isn't the only aspect of orphan ministry.  There is room for the entire body of Christ - singles, young adults, teenagers - to rally around these children.


God is stirring His people, awakening the Church to bring hope.  Let's go.

“Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless..." 

 — Isaiah 1:17 

If that is not enough reason for us to care, orphan care provides a picture of the church. 


Frederich Buechner once wrote that, "Compassion is the sometimes fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else's skin."  The ultimate compassion was, indeed, fatal.  God encased himself in human skin so that he might defend us. 


Once we were vulnerable, helpless, without hope in the world.  Though children scream for "Daddy" because he is a guaranteed defender, we had no one to cry out to.  In response to our pain, no one had an obligation to come running. 

We were orphans. 


God came running anyway.  The Cross was our adoption fee.  Justification declared our souls as righteous by virtue of Christ's death; adoption declares that we are as close to God as family.  Those who were far are now brought near (Eph. 2:13).  Now He dwells with us (Matt. 1:23; Rom. 8:9). 


Why would God tell us that caring for orphans is "pure and undefiled religion?" 


Maybe because the world is stunned when defenders emerge to protect the fatherless, who can offer nothing material in return. 


Maybe it's because we're more like orphans than we'd like to admit. 

Probably it's because our love for orphans echoes His.  



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